Hondata K4pro CAN bus settings for Racing Dash2

The Racing Dash2 digital dashboard display can obtain data from Hondata k4pro ECU easily through CAN bus.

Hardware Connectivity

CAN High and CAN Low wires must be connected to the corresponding CANH and CANL wires on the Racing DASH2 preferably using a twisted pair cable.

Blue wire – CANH

Yellow wire – CANL

The Hondata ECU doesn’t include a CAN bus termination resistor so it has to be fitted externally. Just connect a 120 ohm resistor between CANH and CANL wires somewhere close to the ECU.

Software configuration for CAN bus in Kmanager

Software configuration on Racing DASH2

Connect the Racing Dash2 to a windows laptop using a USB to Serial adapter cable (not supplied)

Run the Configuration Software available from here.

Drag and drop parameters from the right “Data from ECU” to any position on the dash.

Press Save to keep settings.