OBD2 Racing DASH2 display settings

The LDperformance Racing DASH2 display can show data from OBD2 port on any car newer than 2008.


All vehicles manufactured after 2008 are compatible. To check, select your make and model here.
Under protocol it must say ” CAN 11bit 500kb “. If its something else its not compatible but you can still use the dash with its own set of sensors.

Hardware connection

Simply connect the supplied OBD2 connector.

Software configuration on Racing DASH2

Connect the Racing Dash2 to a windows laptop using a USB to Serial adapter cable (not supplied)

Run the Configuration Software available from here.

Drag and drop parameters from the right “Data from ECU” to any position on the dash.

Press Save to keep settings.

Note that not all parameters listed in the software are available when connected through OBD2.

Additional information

The same Racing DASH2 unit can be reflashed for use with a standalone ECU if needed later on.