Launch control Plug and play cable for 1.8T



Will fit:

A3 [8L1] 1.8T, QUATTRO, S3
A4 / AVANT / CABRIOLET [8D2, B5 / 8E2, B6 / 8EC, B7 / 8D5, B5 / 8E5, B6 / 8ED, B7 / 8H7, B6, 8HE, B7] 1.8, 1.8T, QUATTRO, 2.0
A6 / AVANT / ALLROAD [4B2, C5 / 4B5, C5 / 4BH, C5] 1.8T, QUATTRO,
TT / ROADSTER [8N3, 8N9] 1.8, 1.8T, QUATTRO
CORDOBA [6K2] 1.8T CUPRA /// EXEO, EXEO ST [3R2, 3R5] 1.8T /// IBIZA III/IV [6K1, 6L1] 1.8T CUPRA R, FR /// LEON [1M1] 1.8T, CUPRA R /// TOLEDO II 1.8 20VT [1M2]
OCTAVIA [1U2, 1U5] 1.8, 1.8T /// SUPERB [3U4] 1.8TVOLKSWAGEN –
BORA, KOMBI [1J2, 1J6] 1.8 T /// GOLF IV [1J1, 1J5] 1.8T, GTI /// NEW BEETLE, CABRIOLET [9C1, 1C1, 1Y7] 1.8T /// PASSAT [3B3, 3B6] 1.8T, 4MOTION, 2.0 /// POLO [9N] 1.8 GTI, CUP EDITION

Doesn’t fit cars with ignition module – AGU – different cable is suitable for AGU engine code.


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