Wideband Controller for BOSCH 4.9 and ADV


The LDperformance Wideband controller uses the Bosch LSU ADV or 4.9 sensor and is based on the original CJ125 chip which provides reliable and fast AFR measurement. Suitable for use with all Standalone ECUs.

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  • 7.4 AFR to 25.5 measurement range
  • Accuracy <0.1AFR
  • 0-5V Analogue Output
  • Smart warm-up extends the lambda sensor life.
Technical details

Uses PID algorithm to control probe temperature
Initial Heat up of sensor designed according to Bosch specification
Immediate sensor turn-off under fault condition to protect sensor

  • Good visibility, fast response screen
  • 0-5V Signal input or LDperformance digital signal (automatically recognised)
  • Big digit size – 1 inch, instead of the common 0.56″.
  • Size: 78mm x 40mm
Internal Hardware

0.5% accurate voltage reference
Separate voltage reference from display supply
10bit ADC with improved resolution using successive approximation algorithm
Hardware and software noise filter


How to use

  • Connect the Bosch oxygen sensor to the Controller using the provided cable
  • Connect 12V and GND to the corresponding terminals of the Controller and AFR display
  • Connect the Digital output (pin 2 shown above) from the controller to the AFR Display input

0-5V Analogue output

The analogue 0-5V output corresponds to 7.35AFR to 22.39AFR. To convert from voltage to AFR use the formula: V*15.04/5+7.35. The output is compatible with many Wideband AFR displays as well as the LDperformance AFR display. To configure wideband calibration in the ECU you can choose “innovate LC1 default”.
During the initial heat-up phase of the sensor, the output will toggle 10AFR, 20AFR. This can be used to verify the accuracy of the calibration settings in your ecu or gauge. Actually when the controller is configured to work with 4.9 sensor it will toggle between 10 and 15AFR. 10-20 is for ADV sensor.

Digital output

The Digital Output only works with the LDperformance AFR display and is used to 100% accurately display AFR on the gauge.
The LDperformance AFR display has a single input which automatically detects if analogue or digital signal is connected.

0-1V Narrowband output

It is possible to reconfigure the 0-5V wideband output to show 0-1V Narrowband signal. To do this connect the wire to ground and turn on the controller for 3 seconds. To switch back to 0-5V output repeat the same procedure.

Why LDperformance Wideband

By integrating the CJ125 chip which is specifically designed by Bosch for their lambda sensors, faster response times and more accurate readings can be achieved.
LDperformance wideband is the only aftermarket controller that uses Smart warmup function to avoid premature failure of the lambda sensor.

Sensor Calibration

No user calibration is required for proper operation.

How to reconfigure the controller to be used with ADV sensor instead of 4.9

Connect both 0-5V output and digital output wire to ground.
Turn on controller for 3 seconds and turn off.
Confirm the setting is changed by checking the initial reading on the display when powering on – 4.9 or ADV.
Repeat the same process to switch back.

How do I know if the controller is set up for 4.9 or ADV sensor?

The display will show “4.9” or “ADU” briefly when powering up.
Additionally the analogue output shows 10-20, 10-20 etc… while heating up the sensor. That means its for ADV. If it shows 10-15, 10-15… its for 4.9 sensor.

Smart warm-up

If the wideband kit is going to be permanently installed in a vehicle, the Smart warm-up function should be activated. It prolongs the life of the sensor by avoiding rapid heat up during the initial water-condensation phase. Many wideband sensors fail prematurely because rarely aftermarket controller manufacturers implement the correct sensor warm-up procedure when the engine is cold. What usually happens is condensed water from the exhaust hits the hot sensor and the shock damages the sensing element.

The LDperformance Smart warm-up process monitors the sensor (and exhaust) temperature and applies full sensor warm-up only after the exhaust is heated sufficiently by the engine. This means that when exhaust is cold the sensor will become fully operational in 2-7 minutes after engine is started.

This feature is used by all OEM car manufacturers but neglected by the aftermarket units.

Smart warmup feature is disabled by default.

To activate it, connect the digital output wire to ground and power up the controller for 3 seconds. (Repeating the same procedure will disable the function.)

The display will show ” — ” when it waits for the engine to heat up the exhaust. If it shows ” H– ” instead, then Smart warm-up is not enabled and it will heat up the sensor quickly.

The wideband controller comes with all necessary cables:

  • 6pin cable from lambda sensor to controller
  • 4 pin cable for power and signals

The display also comes with a 4 pin cable

Wideband to CAN

There is a separate module that converts the digital output from the controller to CAN

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