Ecumaster EMU Classic & Black Racing Dash2 manual

EMU Classic

LDperformance Racing Dash2 can display realtime data from Ecumaster classic using the serial port. An adapter cable is supplied.

EMU Black

Connection with Ecumaster Black is done using the CAN bus. This means two wires – CANH and CANL need to be connected to the corresponding terminals on the Racing DASH2 preferably using a twisted pair cable.

CANL – B25

CANH – B12

EMU Classic Software configuration

Simply choose Ecumaster serial protocol from the list as shown below:

EMU Black Software configuration

Software configuration on Racing DASH2

Connect the Racing Dash2 to a windows laptop using a USB to Serial adapter cable (not supplied)

Run the Configuration Software available from here.

Drag and drop parameters from the right “Data from ECU” to any position on the dash. Press Save to keep settings.