Wideband to CAN module



An additional Wideband-to-CAN module provides a 100% accurate digital transmission from the LDperformance wideband controller to ECU.

Its compatible with all LDperformance wideband controllers both new and old.

Achieve all the advantages of CAN bus lambda with this simple add-on module. Example configuration for the Megasquirt MS3 ECU is given below.

Wiring / Pinout

The module needs 12V and ground. RX is the signal coming from wideband controller “digital output”. CANH and CANL wires are connected to the ECU. There is no 120Ω resistor inside the module.

Data and CAN settings

No setting up is required on the module. The ECU will need to be set up to read the data correctly.

CAN ID: 0x180 (384 in decimal)

CAN ID type (std or ext): std

Speed: 500kbps

The AFR value is the first two bytes of the message.

That is all that’s needed in most cases. For reference purposes here is all the data that the module will provide:

Bytes Description Equation
0-1 AFR /10
2 Status bits Bit0-0 bit1-0 bit2-Ready bit3-narrowband off(1) on(0) bit4-Smart Warmup ON bit5-set up for ADV sensor(1) or 4.9 sensor(0)
3 Oxygen content (should be 0% when rich and around 20% in free air) /2
4 Heater power (0-no power; 63-full power)
5-6 Sensor temperature (values 1000-200)

How to set up with Megasquirt:

Additional settings which are not required:


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